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There is more to the Microsoft Surface family of products than just tablets! Microsoft envisioned a complete line of products that enable you to work in a variety of scenarios. For most folks, “Microsoft Surface” is the highly successful “tablet that replaces your laptop”, but did you know that the Surface is only one member … Read more

As we all know, IT services are a lifeline for most businesses today, kind of like oxygen for all of us. Unfortunately, many business leaders still see IT as that unavoidable cost center versus a tool that can enable processes and add efficiency when properly planned. All too often I am observing constraints within a … Read more


  The Borderless Datacenter Part 1 of 3 – Business Driven Infrastructure Design   Business leaders around the globe experience an ever increasing opportunity to expand into new markets, and increase their revenue streams from new lines of business. This is especially true in the middle market sized organization, and while this can be great … Read more

With more and more organizations moving to Office 365 and taking advantage of the cloud and more and more online tutorials popping up to supposedly help guide you and your team through the transition process, it often becomes more challenging than first anticipated. While these guides often help and will get you to the cloud, … Read more

I remember one of my first jobs working at a bank. I was so excited to learn everything about the business and to start making my mark on the company. I went through training and absorbed as much as I could and was ready to start working with clients. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm soon waned when … Read more

Two years ago there was excitement in the air about the impact of Internet of Things (IoT) on the consumer market and how it was positioned to take hold in the business world. In 2014, we could finally run our house from our smartphone, with immediate alerts when the temperature spiked, the dog ventured into … Read more

Power of Azure - May 2016

Microsoft Azure Stack enables you to deploy a private Microsoft Azure cloud platform that you can run and manage in your own datacenter, on your own IT infrastructure.                       What is Microsoft Azure Stack? Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure Stack share a common foundation. Both … Read more

IT Governance is not the most sexy topic in the world of IT. Even to people that wake up every morning thinking technology and who actually do get excited about trends and innovations in the sector, this topic is boring.  But when things aren’t working properly, or files are missing, or when data gets corrupt, … Read more

The road to the modern IT department has taken several twists and turns over the years, which has forced the CIO position to consistently challenge the mold. The following viewpoint has been formed by many years of helping multiple companies solve business critical problems as it pertains to the strategy chosen to operate the IT … Read more

Technology projects are constantly growing in complexity. With multi-level integrations between systems, infrastructure and business intelligence; talented minds and skill sets regularly need to interact at the same table to accomplish upgrades, new features or even resolve critical problems. When these times present themselves; a capable Project Manager or an individual with strong Project Coordination … Read more